Staffing & Communications:We have limited staffing in our office.  Please note that the phones are answered as much as possible on days we are in clinic and otherwise messages left will be returned within 24-48 hours in most cases.  PLEASE NOTE – we no longer have E-mail correspondence – we have a new electronic medical record, allowing you access to your own medical record and communication with us via a Patient Portal – whether you are an established patient or new to the practice, we ask that you register for a patient portal.

Prescription Refills: Dr. Alvarez has a refill policy for established patients that includes a plan to refill the number of months until the next anticipated or planned for follow up visit.  Please be clear on the interval period and refill quantity at your visit. In the event you need a prescription refilled, please contact your pharmacy and have them fax us at the fax number listed above.

What if my prescription says “NO REFILLS”?  Even if your prescription says NO REFILLS the policy is THE SAME – have your pharmacy fax us a prescription refill request. If your pharmacist tells you that your prescription does not have any refills, please inform them this is how your physician handles prescription requests of this nature. The pharmacy will forward your prescription refill request to us via fax. This is the easiest and most efficient method to use. Dr. Alvarez will usually refill and suggest a follow up if necessary at that time, or before the next refill is authorized. **Please note this does not include controlled medications.

New Prescriptions: Generally, for new prescriptions the best practice is to address this need at your visit with the doctor. Dr. Alvarez is not able to fill medication that she has not previously prescribed for you in most instances.  Please schedule a visit.   If there is a specific situation, please contact our office to leave a message or send a non urgent message via the patient portal.

Someone will respond to your communication shortly. ( Portal messages response is usually within 2 days, but phone voicemail messages will be replied to in most cases within 24 hours ). Always Call if you do not get a response back in a reasonable time.

Thank You …

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