Celebrate spring and Earth day April 2019

Celebrate spring and Earth day April 2019

Have you ever felt a boost in your general happiness, mood or energy just by spending time outdoors? Or after contributing to a greater cause?

This year for earth month consider what you can do to keep your health – and our planet safe!

If you could use a few suggestions;



If you are already active in this area of caring for the planet…See if you can find one more thing, maybe one that impacts your health!

Please consider joining me in this challenge! Message me or come by to share your experience with me anytime in April for a gift from Partners in Wellness!

Snow and Ice – clinic hours

Please be aware, in most cases the clinic will operate based on weather predictions for the day.

In general, if PPS is closed or on delay , we will also follow with a change in schedule.

You will be notified via phone call and often portal message regarding the clinic hours being affected by weather.

If you are aware that you will not be able to make it in, even with a delayed schedule you can let us know with a message, as we work on a modified schedule.

In most circumstances, Dr. Alvarez will honor refills if weather does not permit a visit.

Keep in mind -safety is the priority! Thank you.

Good for a rainy weekend

Good for a rainy weekend

I was saddened to hear of the passing of poet Mary Oliver this past week.

I have no doubt that at the intersection of a good poem and a warm fire on a long weekend there is a boost to the immune system!

Be it a tear, a smile , a gentle sigh or a deep breath that reading a poem invokes, its all good for you!

In honor of her great work, I wonder if any of you are poets or enjoy a good poem, would share one at your next visit? I will have a gift for you in gratitude for you sharing!

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Mary Oliver.

Office closure October

The office of Dr Alvarez will be closed for a fall vacation 10/19/18 – 10/29/18.

We will be back in office 10/30 and offer some extended hours as needed that week. As always , contact your pharmacy for medication refills and remember in most cases, if you are out of refills you are due for a visit so please schedule.

If you are an established patient and have a non urgent issue , you may message us via portal. Response in 2-3 days. If you are an established patient with an urgent issue please phone and leave a message . Staff will be checking messages daily. Dr. Alvarez has a back up provider for something that needs urgent attention.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate you as a partner in your health!

In Wellness ~

Dr. Alvarez

Autumn Wellness Challenge

Autumn Wellness Challenge

This weekend Autumn officially arrives. How will you celebrate fall?

You may have already settled into a new fall schedule, and this is a good time to explore ways this season can include your health and fitness goals.

Will your bike go into storage? Maybe replaced by a spin class?
Are you inclined to have a pumpkin spice latte ? (Calories 260-420 and sugar 48-50 grams) or will you cook some roasted root vegetables- packed with fiber, vitamins A,C, potassium and magnesium .
How about the darker mornings ? Will you sleep in a little later or put on one more layer, challenge the weather forecasters on the rain prediction and get out anyway with the rain jacket in your backseat.
I’m recovering from summer injuries and feel grateful every morning for the physical therapy exercises stretches and challenges that lead me to my next steps of healing. I see this new season as an opportunity to set new goals.
Maybe you too will find this time of year and weather change as an opportunity to spice up your routine for good physical and mental health.

If you know you suffer from mild to moderate seasonal mood changes such as SADD, makes plans to be proactive in prevention. There are a number of non pharmacological therapies that help boost mood in winter months , but you will want to start those now.

Whatever you do, remember this – each journey can benefit from a road map. Successful steps forward take some mindful planning.
If you feel stuck or you haven’t been in for a check up on how your health goals are going, please consider a follow up visit. I’ll be offering some extended hours this fall and winter.
In Wellness , Happy Fall !

Dr. A

Clinic Closed

The Office of Dr. Alvarez will be closed Wednesday 8/22/18- Thursday 8/23/18. We will be open half day Friday 8/24/18.

We will check messages daily . As always, please call your pharmacy for refill requests and use the portal for scheduling and any non urgent messages.

Thank you. In Wellness, Dr. A and staff