Snow and Ice – clinic hours

Please be aware, in most cases the clinic will operate based on weather predictions for the day.

In general, if PPS is closed or on delay , we will also follow with a change in schedule.

You will be notified via phone call and often portal message regarding the clinic hours being affected by weather.

If you are aware that you will not be able to make it in, even with a delayed schedule you can let us know with a message, as we work on a modified schedule.

In most circumstances, Dr. Alvarez will honor refills if weather does not permit a visit.

Keep in mind -safety is the priority! Thank you.

Office closure October

The office of Dr Alvarez will be closed for a fall vacation 10/19/18 – 10/29/18.

We will be back in office 10/30 and offer some extended hours as needed that week. As always , contact your pharmacy for medication refills and remember in most cases, if you are out of refills you are due for a visit so please schedule.

If you are an established patient and have a non urgent issue , you may message us via portal. Response in 2-3 days. If you are an established patient with an urgent issue please phone and leave a message . Staff will be checking messages daily. Dr. Alvarez has a back up provider for something that needs urgent attention.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate you as a partner in your health!

In Wellness ~

Dr. Alvarez

Clinic Closed

The Office of Dr. Alvarez will be closed Wednesday 8/22/18- Thursday 8/23/18. We will be open half day Friday 8/24/18.

We will check messages daily . As always, please call your pharmacy for refill requests and use the portal for scheduling and any non urgent messages.

Thank you. In Wellness, Dr. A and staff

Heat and Health advisory

Summer is officially here with hot days ahead!

Dr. Alvarez advices you check the forecast and plan ahead. If you have a lung condition, an autoimmune disease, allergies or neuropathic symptoms, being out in the heat ( even just to and from your car ) can be a major flare trigger. Plan your errands around daily temperatures. You might check the air quality index at the website.

This summer, we will offer early morning or evening appointments upon request. If you are due for a medication check in or refill or your annual exam , don’t let the weather keep you from scheduling. Give us a call or send a portal appointment request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

December Clinic hours 2017

The office will be CLOSED Friday 12/8/17 and Thursday 12/21/17- Monday 12/25/17.  There will be some modification of hours the rest of the year. Please contact our office if you do not see your scheduling needs on the portal and we will try to accommodate you.

Please make arrangements in advance for medication refills and getting your follow up appointments scheduled.  Thank you for using the Portal for scheduling and do contact your pharmacy for any refills.

As always, any closures for winter weather will most often follow the PPS closure or late opening for that day.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season !

Vacation time…

The office of Dr. Kathy Alvarez will be CLOSED  

Wed. 8/9/17-Monday 8/14/17

PLEASE make arrangements regarding medication refills and follow up for before or after these dates.  We will offer some extended hours the days before and the week after if booked so please call.

THANK YOU, for remaining an active participant in your health and wellness Have a safe summer.! ~Dr. Alvarez