Patient Portal… how to access information and improve communication

THANK YOU for working with us through the transition of electronic medical record and the new patient portal. We are just into 6 months and still have some logistics to work out. I hope you will find it helpful. Here are some tips and reminders. I am open to your feedback as well!
Notification to Dr. Alvarez – It is OK to portal message a medical issue, but nothing urgent please, do use the phone messaging, as Portal messages are usually responded to in a 2-3 day period. It may be more often, but it varies with the number of incoming messages!
RE: your VISIT SUMMARY – what I find to be the most important part of our visit, where I document the plan we came up with. I try to get this to you within 24 hours, you should see it will pop up as a message, or you will see it in your INBOX. It may take me another day to complete – then YOU WILL FIND THIS in your portal under ” MY HEALTH” – case summary, under the date of visit. If you do not see it there , please message our office. You may also find it helpful to glance at it just before you
Obtaining your lab results – Thank you for patience in this, Dr. Alvarez reviews labs as they come in and will add comments and send it to portal. This process can take 1-2 weeks most of the time due to a number of factors. We are notified if there is anything urgent or significantly abnormal and will for certain contact you sooner if that is the case. In addition, if you are awaiting a result for a treatment plan, such as Strep throat, wound or urine culture etc. You will usually be reminded to PHONE us if you have not heard from my office within 2 days.
There is a patient health questionnaire that I ask you to fill out either at new visit or at annual exam. This will be asked of you only once a year. We are still working on the problems in this system. As with all things new and electronic there are some lessons to be learned…. THANK you again for helping me keep it FUN as we learn together!! ~