What is your Goal?

If you are like most Americans, at least one of them has to do with your health and wellness. Was prevention of any kind a part of that goal? Maybe a plan to lower a cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar number?, A waist size, dress size or a weight on the scale?
We know it is not enough to just state you want to be healthier, eat better and exercise more. These are too general.
Experts agree, to increase success in achieving a set goal there are some simple steps that improve success rates:
1. Make Well formed Goal Statements – be thoughtful and specific. (see SMART rules below).
2. Break goals down into manageable Steps
3. Get help with motivation & commitment – Be accountable to some one, consider a buddy system.
4. Use reminder system and keep a record – use an App!
5. Do a Frequent Review and Re-assessment.

If you have not yet set some goals regarding your health and wellness, what are you waiting for? If you need help in defining some specific goals, you might first ask yourself: “What is important to me as it relates to my health?” Or you can ask your doctor,”what is important in prevention of disease given my current age?”. There may be many areas that you would like to work on, but it is best to select one goal at a time.
Make your goal a SMART goal, I will use one of my goals as an example:
Specific – I want to run an half marathon within 3 mos.
Measurable – I will measure my runs by an app on my cell phone and have my trainer hold me accountable.
Action-oriented – I am going to run, safely and consistently. I have a run schedule.
Realistic – I can purchase a half marathon entry by end of march, to a run that I will enjoy and in a place I can get to easily, it is a run I am highly enthused about.
Time specific – I am going to buy ticket by end of February, and airline ticket March. I will run it April 19th.
Partners in wellness challenge : Take the time to write out your goal and your plan of action.. send it to me with an update in 4 and 6 months, and you will receive an incentive award from my office! Here’s to your finish line! Kathy Alvarez MD.