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As a Family Medicine Physician – I have a special interest in keeping YOU healthy; taking into consideration your personal, medical, family and social history.

My ideas and suggestions will be guided by my personal interest in a holistic approach to your well-being.

My goal is to see how we can combine our efforts to prevent disease and keep you on a path of wellness.

Your physical, spiritual and functional well-being are indicators of your health as much as your weight, pulse and blood pressure.



This can be found on your Portal login (here)
After you login go to – MY HEALTH – then – MEDICAL FORMS –
Print and sign, then you can then upload the form, FAX, mail, or bring in. – Kathy Alvarez, MD


Dr. Alvarez LLC, Partners in Wellness, announces it will close as of 12/31/2019.

Most of you have received a personal letter and the exciting news that Dr. Alvarez is going to join another exceptional clinic here in SW Portland: GreenField Health. She will begin seeing patients at GreenField Health in mid NOVEMBER of this year, and be there full time as of January 2020. (we apologize if you did not receive a letter; we mailed them out last week).
Please see for more information and contact the manager Mary Johnson ( email is best- ), for details of how you can come and continue your care with Dr. Alvarez! You will join a clinic that has extended hours of physician availability, in house lab and physical therapy as well as other health coordination benefits. Located less than 1 mile away on Barnes road.
* NEW patients can establish with Dr. Alvarez at her current clinic on Marlow, but there are limited new patient spots.
ALL patients who would like to have us send their medical records (no charge) to a different designated provider, please notify us ASAP or at the latest by JANUARY 1 2020. (the process can take up to 30 days).
ALL patients who wish to continue to see Dr. Alvarez at Greenfield health we will also ask you also to sign a medical release and notify us ASAP so we can begin that process of moving your record over.
If you are not sure where you will choose for your primary care and would like a personal copy of your medical record (at a cost to you which depends on number of pages), we will also need a signed release and payment ASAP or before January 1, 2020 .
(please note we will not have staff after 1/31/20 to do the medical record transfer)


– Please check your bottles! Dr. Alvarez will refill MOST medications for a 90 day period from November 1st,( to last you until the end of January) to allow you time to make this decision and be covered during the holidays and transition period. (as you may be aware, some medications will require a visit).
For your medication refills – ALWAYS contact your pharmacist and let them know you will need a 90 day supply. They will notify us and this process prevents errors and expedites the process.
THANK you for your partnership. We look forward to hearing from you. As a reminder, because of limited staff hours, we would prefer electronic/ portal or in person requests for medical records and to sign a release.

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Kathy Alvarez MD Partners in Wellness
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