Here at Partners in Wellness, we understand you have a busy schedule. In an effort to keep continuity of care, and be available as much as we can, we have recently added a Monday half day clinic. The hours may vary, so call,leave a voice message or (not as rapid reply), you can write a portal message if you do not see a time that works for you. In addition, given the part time status of our clinic, please remember Dr. Alvarez makes a special effort to try to see her established patients who have an urgent need. Who best to see you when you are SICK than your own doctor? This continuity of care may save you in the long run. Please remember in some situations, we can also offer a weekend work in. So call if you do not see an appointment available. For now, we hope a Monday option will be helpful. See the portal to schedule your routine follow up or annual exam to keep you on your pathway of wellness and disease prevention.