December Clinic hours 2017

The office will be CLOSED Friday 12/8/17 and Thursday 12/21/17- Monday 12/25/17.  There will be some modification of hours the rest of the year. Please contact our office if you do not see your scheduling needs on the portal and we will try to accommodate you.

Please make arrangements in advance for medication refills and getting your follow up appointments scheduled.  Thank you for using the Portal for scheduling and do contact your pharmacy for any refills.

As always, any closures for winter weather will most often follow the PPS closure or late opening for that day.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season !

Vacation time…

The office of Dr. Kathy Alvarez will be CLOSED  

Wed. 8/9/17-Monday 8/14/17

PLEASE make arrangements regarding medication refills and follow up for before or after these dates.  We will offer some extended hours the days before and the week after if booked so please call.

THANK YOU, for remaining an active participant in your health and wellness Have a safe summer.! ~Dr. Alvarez


SUMMER Schedules

Partners – PLEASE STAY TUNED! – Beginning June 19th, We are planning to add some appointments to the schedule. We are listening and hope you will continue to let us know what times and days are best for your needs. We will offer early morning appointments and still keep one late day clinic. See the website or listen to our voicemail for details next week. Please keep this in mind if you are due for your annual exam or follow up.
We hope you are off to getting some fun summer plans underway, whether that be time in your garden or away time at the beach…
Be Safe and always keep your health and wellness goals on the “to do” or ” take with you” list!!
See you soon.

OFFICE closed -The office of Dr. Kathy Alvarez will be CLOSED 3/1/2017 – 3/7/17

Dr. Alvarez will not be available in the office or on the portal.
If you will be needing anything during that time, such as consult of an ongoing condition, or referrals, Please call the office and leave message.
RE: refills – please contact your pharmacy , as per routine, and they will contact the office. Please allow 24-48 hrs for refill.
You may contact the office by phone for non-urgent matters; leave a message and your call will be returned by staff within 24 hrs. If you have an URGENT issue that should not wait, please go to your local urgent care.
For any ongoing, chronic issues, and some circumstances, Dr. Alvarez has a back up provider who may be able to see you if appropriate. You would arrange that via our staff communication as well.
Dr. Alvarez and staff

We’ve added Monday clinic

Here at Partners in Wellness, we understand you have a busy schedule. In an effort to keep continuity of care, and be available as much as we can, we have recently added a Monday half day clinic. The hours may vary, so call,leave a voice message or (not as rapid reply), you can write a portal message if you do not see a time that works for you. In addition, given the part time status of our clinic, please remember Dr. Alvarez makes a special effort to try to see her established patients who have an urgent need. Who best to see you when you are SICK than your own doctor? This continuity of care may save you in the long run. Please remember in some situations, we can also offer a weekend work in. So call if you do not see an appointment available. For now, we hope a Monday option will be helpful. See the portal to schedule your routine follow up or annual exam to keep you on your pathway of wellness and disease prevention.